01/2021: Celebration of PD Dr. Sommer!
On Thursday, January 28th, Felix finally completed his habilitation in Clinical Molecular Biology at the Medical Faculty of Kiel University by giving the lecture entitled “Microbiome-based therapy of chronic inflammation and malnutrition”, thereby receiving the venia legendi.
Due to the current restrictions, the entire procedure was carried out in an online format. A real celebration will follow as soon as possible!

10/2020: Paper published in Nutrients
Our article “Nutritional Targeting of the Microbiome as Potential Therapy for Malnutrition and Chronic Inflammation” is out now in Nutrients summarizing examples of microbiome-directed therapies and how these approaches may improve treatment success for inflammatory disorders.
Especially happy for Lena & Sina for receiving their first primary authorships (equal contribution).
Thanks to everyone involved!

06/2020: Lena receives Master degree
After putting in some long and hard work Lena received her Master of Science degree in Medical Life Sciences from Kiel University.
Lena’s Master’s thesis focussed on the “Analysis of host-microbiota interactions during malnutrition” and was graded excellent (1.0).
Altogether Lena completed the Medical Life Sciences with an outstanding score (1.2).
Congratulations Lena!

Picture Copyright: Lena Schröder.

04/2020: Paper published in CMGH
So glad to finally see our story out in Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology (CMGH): “NOD2 influences trajectories of intestinal microbiota recovery after antibiotic perturbation”
Thank you so much to everyone involved!


03/2020: Funding acquired via RTG1743
We managed to acquire funding of 35k€ for 12 months from the RTG1743 to conduct a research plan aiming to further decipher the molecular alterations in mitochondrial function due to loss of hexokinase. This was a team effort of the RTG1743 PhD students mainly lead by Finn, Jacob & Lena and also included Katharina Koethke (Department of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, UKSH Campus Lübeck), Arunabh Sharma (Institute of Medical Informatics and Statistics, UKSH Campus Kiel) and Anna Schaade (Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology, UKSH Campus Kiel) and the researchers Dr. Kensuke Shima & Dr. Florian Tran. Big thank and congratulations to everyone involved!

02/2020: Finn receives first price
Finn received the first price endowed with 500 € for his poster “Microbial regulation of epithelial hexokinase 2 links mitochondrial metabolism and cell death in colitis” at the International Cluster Symposium “Inflammation Medicine – From Bench to Bedside” of the Excellence Cluster EXS2167 “Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation” held in Hamburg February 17-18th, 2020. The project is a team effort involving also Jacob and Lena along with colleagues from Lübeck and Kiel. Congratulations to Finn and everyone involved!

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schreiber, speaker of the Excellence Cluster EXS2167 “Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation”, hands over the certificate on the first price to Finn Hinrichsen.

Pictures taken by C. Kloodt. Copyright: Excellence Cluster EXS2167, Kiel University.

Further information: https://www.precisionmedicine.de/de/02-symposium

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